Patient Study at BC Children's Hospital

The cardiology and vascular team at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver are beginning a new study entitled “Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Vascular Dysfunction and Aortic Aneurysm In Marfan syndrome.”(MFS). This study will give much more information about the workings of connective tissue disease at the cellular level. The team is seeking 80 patients with Marfan syndrome or Loeys-Dietz syndrome who are between 8-60 years of age and not be pregnant or have had previous surgery on their Aortic Root.

Interested patients will be assessed and tested at BC Children’s. They will have an echocardiogram and have a small amount of blood drawn for the study. They will have one test only. This is not a trial of different medications and therefore no changes to the patient’s current medication are involved.

For more information and detailed explanation of the study, please contact the Study Coordinator Leslie Raffin at 604-875-2345 ex7877or the Principal Investigator, Dr. G. Sandor at 604-875-2295

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