7th Annual Fundraiser in Memory of Jason Keith, April 10, 2010


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On April 10 the 7th Annual fundraiser in memory of Jason Keith took place at Dooly’s Mountain Road in Moncton, New Brunswick. The event, which was a pool and poker tournament was attended by 35 pool players, 15 poker players and many friends who donated and supported the event and helped raise $1331 for the CMA. Dave Keith, Jason’s father, who helps organize the event every year said everyone had a good time, there were many nice prizes for everyone and the money raised exceeded his goal. A brochure about Marfan syndrome and the Association was also included with every prize to help spread awareness of the condition.
Many thanks to Dave Keith and Drew Lapointe, Manager at Dooly’s for organizing the memorial fundraiser and their continued support of the Association and our mission.  Also thank you to Derrick Keith, Dave’s nephew, who worked very hard on getting many big prizes for the event and helped make it so successful.






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