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The Canadian Marfan Association is the only Association in Canada dedicated to helping Marfan patients and their families. Please become a member of the Association today and help us continue our important programs of education, support and research.

You can become a member of the Canadian Marfan Association by making a donation! All donations entitle you to a 1 year membership to the CMA!

Membership includes:

  • a yearly subscription (three issues) to our newsletter Newslinks, which contains the latest and most accurate medical information on Marfan syndrome and Association events.  Click here to view an oline edition of Newslinks and join the CMA today!
  • a Medical Emergency Card with your initial membership
  • Receive email alerts and announcements regarding medical news, research breakthroughs and events and are kept informed about events and activities in your area.
  • Receive a copy of our “Living Well With Marfan Syndrome” kit
  • Finally being a member of the Canadian Marfan Association gives you the knowledge that you are part of an organization that believes in the need to make a difference for Marfan patients and their families and is actively taking steps to ensure this happens.

You can donate and become a member or renew your membership the following ways:

By Online Form

Click here to donate and receive or renew your membership

By Mail

Print the Donation/Membership Form and mail with your cheque payable to:

The Canadian Marfan Association
Centre Plaza Postal Outlet
128 Queen Street South, PO Box 42257
Mississauga, Ontario  L5M 4Z0

By Phone

Please call our toll free # 1-866-722-1722 or 905-826-3223 to pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard)



Thank you for your support!

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