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Patient and Family Conference

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Saturday September 26, 2015

University of Ottawa Heart Institute


40 Ruskin Street,Ottawa, Ontario

Canada K1Y 4W7



The CMA is hosting its 17th conference since 1990. This year the conference will highlight the expansion of CMA's support to the growing sectrum of Genetic Aortic Disorders (GAD) that share the same deadly outcome as Marfan syndrome if left undiagnosed and untreated. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge about the advances in diagnosis, treatment and management of these rare disorders and become familiarized with updates in research and care.
The conference features a series of presenations by leading medical experts and researchers. There will be Q&A panels (in english and french) with the medical experts to address concerns of patients and family members coping with the various complications arising from these disorders. Attend the conference and make connections with people who share the same medical difficulties.  


September 26, 2015
The Canadian Marfan Association Conference is happening in OTTAWA this Fall...We look forward to providing an interesting and informative program for professionals and families at our bi-annual conference.
Check back soon for more details and registration information...
See you in September!!!

Did you know…?

·        The Canadian Marfan Association receives absolutely NO money from any government source

·        Every dollar we receive comes from our supporters and friends

·        Now, more than ever, we are counting on your generosity so that we can continue to support our Marfan community with:

o   information,

o   research,

o   clinic development and,

o   advocacy.

Our impact is real, and so is our need. With your ongoing financial support we will be able to sustain important information messaging to our Marfan community. We will keep dollars flowing to very promising research work directly related to genetic aortic disorders.

Our need is real…our message is simple…we need your donations to keep up the good work and accomplishments of our researchers, volunteers and staff.




Your Canadian Marfan Association also…

·        Continues to benefit from professional guidance and up-to-date medical information regarding Marfan and all other genetic aortic disorders.

·        Continues to fund promising research projects through our international relationships with other Marfan organizations.

·        Continues to help the Canadian medical community keep Marfan and other equally concerning genetic aortic disorders in mind as they assess patients’ medical histories, in light of their current medical concerns.

·        Brings together the Marfan community on a bi-annual basis at a national conference…September 26, 2015…in Ottawa…watch our website for information


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Have you or a loved one or a friend been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome or a related genetic disease damaging your heart’s aorta? Has it been difficult to find support and cope with the stress of “not-knowing” how to manage this rare disease? For over 29 years, the Canadian Marfan Association is the only organization in Canada striving to help relieve this stress, by educating the community and promoting medical resources for Marfan and other genetic aortic disorders.

As a charitable organization receiving no funds from any government source, the Canadian Marfan Association depends only on your donations to be able to function and provide support to the Marfan community.

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Every dollar you donate qualifies us to win $ 10,000. We humbly request you to help us support our Marfan community.




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